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Cleaning Your Piano After Your Move

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After a move, it’s really exciting that you’re finally going to get adjusted and settled to your new house. Along with this also come a lot of organizing, cleaning, rearranging, as well as trying to figure out what’s really the best setup for the house. But if you own a piano, chances are it can really add to much extra steps into the moving process. This is the reason why you need to hire a professional piano moving service provider like piano movers Denver which can be able to handle and move a piano safely and can also ensure that it will arrive at your new home without creating any damage to it.

Of course, the moment the dust has already settled after the move and you’ve put everything away, there’s a big possibility that your piano may not be in is tip top condition. Fortunately, in this article, you can be able to learn how you can be able to have your piano returned to its optimal condition.

Cleaning Your Piano After Moving to a New Home

Depending on the extent that your piano went through during the move, you will be able to find out how you should be able to clean it. Dust is the most common culprit after the moving process as it can plague your piano. Using a feather duster is actually a good solution in order to help remove all the dust that have settled on the surface of your piano. This is especially true for the keys of your pianos as it has to be lightly dusted so that they will not be scratched. The last thing you want is to create damage to your piano after cleaning it. Even long after the moving process, it is also a great practice to try cleaning your piano in a regular manner in order to help prevent the build-up of dust.

Polishing and Cleaning Your Wooden Piano

Now that you’ve already cleaned up the dust on the surface as well as grime on your piano, you can now be able to determine how much deep cleaning you will need for the rest of your piano. It’s not always important to polish and treat the wooden surface of your piano. This mean that you’ll be the judge to decide whether your piano needs polishing or not. If you will polish your piano, make sure that you don’t directly apply the product to your piano’s surface. It’s best that you use a clean and soft white cloth so that the color of your piano won’t be affected. You also preferable want to utilize a product that’s lint-free so that no any residue will be left on your piano.

Cleaning Your Blach Finished Piano

If your piano has a black finish, the major issue here is the fingerprint. You can actually use a soft microfiber cloth in order to wipe down the piano’s surface without using any commercialized product. Usually, pianos that have black finish can show scratches more compared to other finishes, which is why it’s very important that you treat and clean your piano using a very gentle cloth and with utmost care.

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