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The Best Way to Care for Carpets

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If the entire floor area of your house is covered with carpet, then keeping every room clean may be a huge task. The same goes true for schools, commercial offices, hotels, and similar facilities. It really takes a lot of effort to restore and maintain the look of carpets. They are also time-consuming and costly tasks.

But there are certain things that you can do to minimize the load that comes with carpet cleaning. Thanks to the growing number of Escondido carpet cleaners, it is now a whole lot easier to clean carpets and keep them mold-free all year long.

Modern Carpet Cleaning Methods

The most common way to clean carpets is through the hot water extraction method. This is the most popular way to deep clean carpets. It is actually an effective method, which is why it is still very popular today.

However, there’s a newer method that’s being used, and it’s called encapsulation carpet cleaning. Encapsulation is regarded to be a faster and easier way to clean carpets. That also suggests that it should cost a lot less, given how effectively it increases productivity and reduces labor costs.

What is the Encapsulation Method?

The encapsulation carpet cleaning method crystallizes the dirt, grime, and soil found on fibers of the carpet. When crystallized, the dirt detaches itself from the fibers before clumping together. At such state, the dirt is easier to remove. A simple vacuuming will do.

The encapsulation method is three times as fast and effective. An hour’s worth of encapsulation will cover an area of up to 2,000 sq. ft. In comparison, the hot water extraction method can only cover 600 sq. ft. in an hour’s worth of work.

Advantages of the New Method

There’s more to the encapsulation method than just faster completion of the task, reduced labor, and lower overall costs. The new method also offers a much better cleaning result. One of the most notable differences between hot water extraction and encapsulation is the use of less water. Less water means lower moisture level. It also means the carpet is lighter and easier to maneuver. The method won’t add to the carpet’s wear and tear.

The encapsulation method and hot water extraction method may be used alternately to save the carpet from damage. While the newer method poses a lot of promise, it can’t do so much for heavily stained carpets. For that, the best method of cleaning is still the hot water extraction method. Encapsulation mostly works in areas where there are dirt and grime stuck on the fibers, but not necessarily stained caused by liquids like wine, oil, and grease.

Which Method to Use

The best method to use is still what your professional carpet cleaner would suggest. After all, they know how to address the most common issues on carpets. To be sure that you’re getting the right recommendation, simply consult with at least three carpet cleaning companies. Three companies telling you the same thing can’t be wrong.

What’s more important is that you know that you a few other options these days when it comes to carpet cleaning. It all boils down to making the right one for your own sake and benefit. That’s really important if you want the best level of clean at the most reasonable rate.

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