How to Maintain a Clean Pool Pump

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A pool will naturally form an alga build up as bacteria and organisms grow in the pool water. But sometimes, it can clog or block in the pump, preventing it from running normally. The following are some of the few simple tips on how to get rid of the string algae accumulating on your pool pump as well as how to prevent it from occurring again. 

Clean the Pool Pump 

There are a lot of various types of algae which can live in an ordinary pond ecosystem. While some of these are a natural and good part of the ecological community, string algae is not. As a matter of fact, you will know you are seeing a string alga build up if it is stringy, and if you can simply take it out of the pool. It usually grows up in long strands and stick to bottom part of the pond. These algae build up can get clogged up into your pool pump and some other mechanical systems easily and the best action that you should take in order to clean the pool pump is to physically remove the algae and to take the pool pump out.  

In addition to that, you may also make use of a brush to scrub the algae build up on the outside portion of the pool casing however, if any has already invaded the inside portion of the pool, you will definitely need to take the pump out from your pool altogether. 

Disconnect first the pool pump from any power source or hoses in order to make all things and actions safe to work on. Next, dismantle the pool pump so you can clean the parts one-by-one and in detail. Just use pool water to scrub the parts clean, as tap water may damage the delicate ecological community of the pond when the pool pump is returned. Once the cleaning is done, reassemble and then reconnect the pool pump. 

Getting Rid of the String Algae from Your Pool 

You will want to see other methods of removing algae from your pool, especially if you have usual problems with it. However, you may also face some issues with this project. Products or solutions made to exterminate algae can also eliminate any type of fish and products such as herbicides will basically kill the string algae and any other plants present in your pond. While neither of these methods are a good choice, there are still few products available which are designed for this specific issue. Visit your local pool supply store and ask for help from a professional pool cleaning service San Antonio for the leading products which will not kill both the plants and fish. 

For instance, barley has been frequently used to help prevent formation of string algae. This creates a natural enzyme which makes it hard for the string algae to reproduce or develop. A bale of barley applied in the pond water will help rid the pool of this issue. It is recommended that you use 1 bale of barley for every 1000 gallons of pond water. 

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